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A message from Principal's Desk

As the 2016 academic year draws its farewell curtain to welcome the intermediate winter vacations, I must recommend all our staff and students to devotecouple of minutes for analytical meditation to objectively evaluatethe actualization of dreams earmarked for 2016. It wouldn’t be an easy task-especially for those who are afraid of failures! However, I must suggest you to perform this self-auditing mental exercises to identify, understand and transform the negative factors that hampered you from accomplishing your 2016 resolutions and makeup your mind to frame smarter goals for 2017 academic year. May be you need to simply get the little things right because sometimes we unnecessarily complicate our life-which is essentially simple and wonderful. In the process, our fear and hope of unknown future collides with the guilt and regrets of the past experiencestoignite into blazes that blind us from seeing the wide open space of opportunities laid out bypresent moments. What a waste!

The Duke of Wellington ones said “Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must.”So be wise to identify your weaknesses and be smart to transform them into positive learning experiences that would help you reach your full potentials. Strive to become a lifelong learner, creative problem solver and above all a useful happy person.


Duke Tsering

“Tsamtin”- the annual magazine sums up the essence of our uniquely integrated curriculum that provides enriching, engaging and challenging activities for our children. As you flip through the pages, you would realize that all the activities are oriented towards our missions and tailored age-appropriately in harmony with 21st century education.

For the next academic year, we would focus on the following three areas of education…

  1. Research based teaching-learning pedagogy
  2. Secular ethics and value based education across all curriculum and
  3. Judicious use of ICT (Information communication technology) across all curriculum

To materialize these important focus areas, earnest support from all our stakeholders are indispensable. The unconditional support conferred by many sponsors and educators in the past are deeply cherished by all our staff and students. Through this “Tsamtin” we would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all of you.
My message would be incomplete without thanking the team of hard working editorial board members who have devoted extra hoursin bringing out this comprehensive “Tsamtin”before the closing function.

Finally, I would like to wish all our staff and students a very happy and restful winter holidays. Don’t forget to invest on meaningful learning experiences.
See you all in March, 2017 in good health.

Duke Tsering (Mr.)

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