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Wow, I couldn't believe the end of 2013 marks our 9th year journey into the realm of Academic Excellence! Well, it is now the right time to humbly rejoice but to earnestly reflect upon the sum-total outcome accumulated incrementally over the period of nine wonderful years. Indeed as each year draws its curtain, it brings along inexorable lessons that makes everyone of us stronger, wiser and more experienced. Infect no year goes without the imprints of wisdoms and values. However, the question is has the school as a whole achieved the desired outcome of excellence over the period of nine years in the making? Have we gained the optimum momentum to break through the "Escape Velocity" to free us from the false contentment of complacency? How about you, dear students? Have you made a difference? Did you take any intelligent risk to get better? What and how did you get better at? How about bringing the core values of the school alive? Was it challenging? How did you make it through? Honestly, I am brimming with questions at this moment and I can go on asking self-analytical, open-ended questions but I will pause here to inform you that by engaging mindfully in such a vibrant and self-diagnostic question on regular bases would help stimulate ones brain + heart to trigger biochemical reactions in every cell to release positive energies. Sounds great-isn’t? I am sure many of you had these magical moments of Mindful Questioning-Empowerment. No? It’s okay. You can start practicing during this winter holiday.

Duke Tsering

About TCV School, Selakui

TCV School, Selakui

After having obtained the necessary approval from the State Authorities and forming a construction team, work started in August 2001. The school which has a capacity for 500 children is located in the vicinity of some of the best schools in India thereby have some apparent advantages. As originally planned admission to this school is based selectively on merit and open to Tibetan students from different schools in exile. Mr. Duke Tsering, a former student of TCV, Dharamsala who was a senior teacher was appointed as its first Headmaster.

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